About Us

So who are we and what do we do?
The idea of the online catalogue started off way back in 2004 by the MD Stewart Watson, whilst pondering about another idea, which ultimately led to the In-Cups. Never daunted and relishing a challenge (despite knowing nothing about paper cups at that time) the web site was set up in record time and off it took and since then we have not looked back.
It’s nice to be the first with an idea and it’s good to see that your model has mileage, with other companies now done something similar, but here at PCF we like to stay up at the front so we are always developing new ideas and new products.

Over the past few years we have built an extensive client base, ranging from major airlines, supermarkets, football clubs, coffee shops, offices and charities with each sector having there own requirement and demands.

Two years ago we built the Irish web site and it’s great to think that with the web we can reach out around the world at a flick of a button and this year we will be opening new offices in Nigeria and Canada . Yes we have to thank Tim Berners-Lee and Uncle Google for making this possible, without them we would not be doing this. The potential to expand a brand has no boundaries, so if you have a good idea just trust the web.

So whilst not inventing the WWW, or a search engine, we are proud to say we were the first to build an online site selling paper cups and we did invent the Paper In-Cup. A small achievement which we are very proud of.

We’ve learnt a lot from our journey over the years and have gained a vast amount of experience in the process, but one thing it has taught us in all of this is that is never forget who comes first and that is you the customer. Thank you for your business